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Judy DeutschJudy Deutsch (66)

Special correspondent who lives in South Beach, writes mostly about Food and Wine. Eating being a one of the things we do everyday and numerous times, the appeal of eating and drinking fabulous food is awesome! I find learning and trying all different types of food and wine fascinating. The other area of interest for me is the art events. Some of the works of art we see are incredible. The artists encourage us to open our eyes to the things we see everyday and notice how beautiful the simplest objects are.

Miriam CronkhiteMiriam Cronkhite (43)

Trained Journalist & Digital & Social Media Marketing professional, taking a leading role in innovative online marketing projects and campaigns that delivers real results for companies and their brands. Specialties: Online Marketing and Social Media Strategy, Digital Brand Management, Online Promotions and Contests, Social Networking Site Management, YouTube, Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, MailChimp and more.

Dee Trillo of The Haute FrugalistaDee Trillo of The Haute Frugalista (42)

Dee Trillo - Bilingual LifeStyle Blogger of The Haute Frugalista, Stylist, On-Air Style Expert and Columnist. She is a Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude FIU Graduate student with a degree in Modern/Foreign Languages Education and a minor in ESL & EFL; currently, she is pursuing a M.A in Linguistics. Her areas of interest include High Fashion, Savvy-Shopping, Outfit Styling, Street-Style, Events, Trend-Spotting, Beauty and Fashion DIYs, Interviews, Art, Literature and Culture.

Solange HackshawSolange Hackshaw (27)

Solange is a high school junior who enjoys writing on entertainment, food, the arts and cultural events. She's a spontaneous coffee addict who loves adventures.You can typically find her eating some Caribbean food, chilling on a beach in South Florida scribbling in her journal. She's an aspiring writer who hopes to learn while exploring one of the most lively cities on earth.

Ailys ToledoAilys Toledo (27)

Born and raised in Miami-Dade, Ailys is a public relations professional specializing in lifestyle, luxury and hospitality. With ample experience in event promotion and networking, Ailys focuses her writing on trendy restaurants, lounges, brands and more. She draws inspiration for her areas of interest from her Cuban culture, innovative public figures and being an avid reader. Ailys is a graduate of Florida International University with a bachelor's degree in Communications.

Deondra ClarkDeondra Clark (23)

Deondra Clark is an aspiring writer, entrepreneur, public speaker and blogger. She is a veteran of the United States Army, and is currently a senior striving for a BA in Communications at FIU. She was a contributing writer for FIU’s newspaper the BEACON and she freelance writes. Her areas of interest includes social media, beauty, advice, entertainment, research and much more but, she has a love for interviewing people.

Agustina PaisAgustina Pais (13)

A recent Georgia State University graduate with a Bachelor's degree in International Affairs, Agustina moved to Miami a few months after graduation. Fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese, her areas of interest include global street-style and travel writing. Currently, she is pursuing a Masters in Spanish Language Journalism at FIU.

Abigail FreemanAbigail Freeman (11)

Abigail Freeman is a journalism student at Boston University with experience in television and online reporting. She has a passion for storytelling and connecting with new people through interviewing and event coverage. Her interests include photography, art, travel and trying new things. When she is not working on her latest story, Abigail can be found relaxing at the beach.

Karina SaraviaKarina Saravia (11)

Karina Saravia is a writer, researcher and entrepreneur engaged in various Digital Marketing projects. She combines insights from her Master's degree in Media and Communications Psychology, and training as a neuroscientist to provide creative and informed solutions for companies and their brands. She has a passion for food, music and the arts, loves travel and adventure, and has recently taken up photography to complement her interests. Karina is also a plant-based health and wellness enthusiasts.

Regina MartiarenaRegina Martiarena (9)

Regina is studying Advertisement and Public Relations with a minor in Writing and Rhetoric at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. She is currently taking on freelance writing while she visits South Florida for the summer. Originally from Mexico, Regina is fluent in both English and Spanish. In addition to genuinely enjoying her academic pursuits, Regina is passionate about music and the arts. She strongly believes promoting local art can enhance the quality of life within a community.

Laura CalderaLaura Caldera (8)

Laura Caldera is a Nicaraguan-American who was born and raised in Miami, FL. As an aspirant writer, she enjoys writing about local places, events and her own thoughts. She seeks adventure and pursues her many interests; some of which include traveling, drawing, knitting, and dancing. She also enjoys reading on cool, cloudy days, nature hikes/biking, collecting old books and spending time with her family. Laura currently studies English and Journalism at Florida International University campus.

Sarah KleinSarah Klein (7)

A recent graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design with a BFA in fashion merchandising and fashion design, Sarah has recently returned home to Miami Beach. With great interests in fashion and fun Sarah loves to cover all events pertaining to fashion, art, entertainment and music.

Jessica FaroyJessica Faroy (7)

A literature enthusiast and fellow Miamian, Jessica Faroy, enjoys local leisure lifestyles. Although she is in pursuit of her master's degree, she's learning as she goes. Paranoid with technology and the millennial generation, she tries to somehow, in the middle of reporting and writing, keep up with South Florida.

Melanie MunozMelanie Munoz (5)

Melanie Munoz is a writer whose areas of interest include media, gender roles and media representation of women, sports, music, and entertainment. She is a current graduate from Nova Southeastern University with an degree in English and a minor in Media Studies. She resides in Miami, FL.

Ingrid WuIngrid Wu (4)

Ingrid Wu is a current student and prospective accordion player whose bucket list includes riding all the subways and metros of the world. She is a self-proclaimed illustrator and enjoys idly wandering through art galleries any chance she gets. Her areas of interest include graphic design, writing, animation, blogging about overcoming the premonition to watch more Netflix and the "seeping-my-toes-into-the-beaches-of-South-Florida" aesthetic. She resides in the sleepy town of Fort Lauderdale.

Sean ErwinSean Erwin (2)

Sean Erwin is a writer and associate professor of philosophy at Barry University. He currently serves as the senior editor of the Humanities and Technology Review. Erwin also writes previews and reviews that appear regularly in South Florida publications. Writing journalistic pieces allows him to apply the aesthetic principles he writes on as a professional philosopher to the living performances of South Florida dancers and performance artists.